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Introducing INTELLIHAT

INTELLIHAT (Intelligent Hydro-Acoustics Tracker) is a self-contained software package designed to track individual moving targets recorded by Hi-resolution sonar, such as DIDSON (Sound Metrics Corp). One typical application of the software is counting migrating salmon, providing a useful tool for fisheries management. This leading edge software combines radar tracking algorithms with powerful pattern recognition techniques and image processing algorithms, and is aimed at tracking fish at high densities in a clutter background. Major features include:

  • Tracking of individual targets over time
  • Display of video images simultaneously with identified targets
  • Pattern recognition techniques to remove false targets
  • Graphical tools for visualizing and inspecting tracking results
  • Automatic generation of size measurements for tracked targets
  • Various reporting tools
Click here to preview the product. Formal product release will be announced in due course. For more information, please contact Vitech at

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